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Your Donation Matters

Contribute to our 501(c)(3) organization
Donation Amount
Donation Type
Donation Purpose
One Street Round Visit
To cover transportation and medication
One Month of Wound Care
To keep wounds covered and clean
One X-Ray
To assess for pneumonia or fractures
One Fully Stocked Street Round Bag
To keep our team ready to run
One Month of Drinking Water
To prevent dehydration and sustain life
One Summer of Sunscreen, Aloe Gel and Bug Spray
To prevent and treat sunburn and prevent insect borne disease
One Year of Supporting the Team
To provide training and education for volunteers
One Winter of Warmth
To provide underclothing, hats, gloves, and warm packs.
Transportation Costs
To provide gas and maintenance for our vehicle
One Year of Vehicle Ownership Expenses
To provide help with vehicle leasing or purchasing payments
Malpractice, Board and Auto Insurance Expenses
To keep our team and our patients protected
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If you would prefer to donate specific items, please use the link below!

Our Summer Needs

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Help us make a difference!

You may also send donations to:

HEAL Omaha

c/o Wendy Pecoraro

11501 Pebblebrooke Blvd

Gretna, NE 68028


Thank you for your donation!

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